Continued rapid growth of coastal populations and development in Jeddah has led to degradation of water and sediment quality and coastal aquatic habitats. RPI and project partners were tasked with assessing pollutant sources, baseline water and sediment quality, and physical processes so that a comprehensive assessment could be made of the sources and impacts of coastal pollution and the identification of alternatives for improving water and sediment quality. This included an inventory of potential pollution sources, hydrographic data collection (bathymetry, tide, current, and wave data), water quality and sediment sampling, and stable isotope analysis.

Project partners conducted numerical modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality. This included setup and testing of a 3D numerical model of hydrodynamics and water quality to assist in the development of an understanding of the advection/dispersion processes under the existing conditions. Lastly, we developed and evaluated remediation and restoration projects, including the development of a detailed monitoring program.