RPI is a science technology firm with a long tradition of maintaining the highest standards of scientific integrity to provide unbiased and rigorous analysis to our clients. Our domestic and international clients include federal, state and local governments, multinational development agencies, NGOs, and private industry. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, RPI has conducted projects in over 50 countries. Our capabilities for rapidly bringing to bear the appropriate scientific expertise and resources to successfully undertake projects are unmatched.

RPI scientists have experience in a wide range of ecological settings, having conducted detailed field surveys in numerous habitats, ranging from tropical coral reef and mangrove systems to arctic environments. This expertise and experience have given RPI a broad-based working knowledge of many environments and the complex environmental issues addressed by nations worldwide.

Since its formation, RPI has specialized in applied studies on sensitive ecosystems, particularly coastal systems. The company has experience in the technical disciplines of coastal geomorphology, sedimentology, beach erosion, geochemistry, computer mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database design, spatial modeling, remote sensing, image processing, hazardous substance spills, natural resource damage assessment, dispersant use, aquatic toxicology, aquaculture, marine biology, coastal oceanography, ground water, natural resource management, and wetland science and ecology.

RPI combines these assets with unparalleled expertise in environmental data management. One of RPI’s key focuses is the unique and unparalleled potential of uniting natural resource expertise with the spatial and information processing capabilities. Our expertise in physical and biological sciences allows RPI to undertake complex projects using a multidisciplinary approach.


Pandion Saudia Co., LTD.

Pandion Saudia Co., Ltd. is a privately held science-technology consulting firm specializing in providing practical solutions to complex environmental issues around the world. Established in 2002, we combine natural resource expertise with spatial and information processing capabilities to provide solutions for coastal and environmental management.

Pandion Saudia maintains the highest standards of scientific integrity to provide unbiased and rigorous analysis and is committed to providing the highest degree of technical expertise, technology, and service to our clients. Our staff is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients with energy and enthusiasm. To provide more diversified and expansive service and skill sets, Pandion has developed a network of strategic alliances of professionals in related consulting, academic, and scientific communities. Through these alliances we are available to provide qualified expertise to projects that require specialized and unique expertise.

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