RPI formed part of a team hired by the Municipality of Kuwait to design a master plan and conduct the environmental monitoring for the creation of a new waterfront for Kuwait City. Kuwait Engineering Company was the lead with support from Sasaki Associates, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts. The Master plan included the creation of artificial beaches, marinas for commercial and recreational boating, boat launch ramps, offshore islands, shore protection structures, and other venues including an aquarium and performance amphitheater. We were responsible for environmental assessment and analysis of the coastal processes for input in the engineering design. Our staff conducted quarterly field studies to measure coastal processes (wave height, wave period), longshore sediment transport rates, beach profiles, sediment grain size, and other parameters, which allowed RPI scientists to gain insight into the erosional and depositional patterns in the area. These data served as a baseline for the quantification of future shoreline changes and were used to design shoreline modifications that would survive in harmony with the natural forces that exist in the region.