• Ecological and Environmental Consulting
    RPI's broad natural resources expertise combined with a focus on quantitative analyses allows us to bring a unique and rigorous approach to environmental impact and assessment projects.
  • Emergency Response and Planning
    RPI's rapid response team is able to go anywhere in the world in the event of an
    oil or chemical spill emergency.
  • Spatial Analysis and Mapping
    RPI has an exceptional track record in scientific application of mapping technologies for coastal and natural resource mapping.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis, Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), Spill Response and Planning, Environmental and Coastal Resources Management, Database/ Application. More »

Data & Products

RPI offers an assortment of courses, data, and software products to assist our clients in understanding and managing natural resources. Please contact us for purchase information. More »


Recent case studies and projects and sample works from the field. More »
Founded in 1977, RPI is a science-technology consulting firm that combines the natural science disciplines with geospatial and quantitative analysis to address unique challenges in coastal and environmental management.
We are dedicated to bringing science-based solutions to our clients in government, industry, and non-profit organizations.

Pandion Books

Pandion Books is a publisher of general-interest scientific and technical books in the fields of eco-tourism, coastal science, and environmental protection (e.g., oil-spill response). More »

ESRI Software Products

As an ESRI Authorized Business Partner since 1998, RPI is pleased to offer the following ESRI software for resale. We also offer customized application development and support for these and other products. More »

ESI Atlases

ESI data characterize the marine and coastal environments and wildlife by their sensitivity to spilled oil and provides an inventory of sensitive resources for coastal managers and planners. More »

Robert L. Folk Memorial

With the passing of the great University of Texas sedimentologist Robert L. Folk, this Memorial is a compilation of numerous contributions from his past students, associates, and friends. Download PDF (1.9 MB). More »

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Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI)

We have mapped the shoreline habitats and biological resources of most of the shoreline of the US, as well as a variety of  international areas. This extensive digital dataset allows us to predict the potential impacts of hazards such as oil spills, sea level rise, and storm surges.

Spatial Analysis

We have been providing mapping, spatial analysis, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support for natural resource management to state and federal agencies, private industry, and international organizations since 1989. Our subject-matter expertise in the physical and biological sciences, combined with advanced geospatial analytics and remote sensing capabilities, allow us to analyze the right data to answer the right questions.

Oil Spill Technology

We are actively involved in the design and application of research on the operational issues of oil spill fate and effects – from geomorphic controls on the persistence of lingering oil to the effects of oil in marshes. Our specialty is evaluating the trade-offs of oil and chemical spill emergency and long-term response actions.

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