We are actively involved in the design and application of research on the operational issues of oil spill fate and effects. Our specialty is evaluating the trade-offs of oil and chemical spill response actions. Examples of on-going projects include:

  • Update to the API In-Situ Burning Manual, identifying it’s use, effectiveness, and effects
  • Managing Seafood Safety during the Emergency Phase of a Spill, with NOAA
  • Review of SMART Data For Aerial Dispersant Operations, based on lessons learned during the Deepwater Horizon response, with NOAA
  • Creation of a job-aid on Oil Spills in Marshes: Planning and Response Considerations, for API
  • Technical support for NOAA’s Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects (CAFÉ) database, as a tool to aid responders in their assessment of the potential toxicological impacts from chemical spills in aquatic environments where critical decisions need to be made within hours
  • Fate and Effects of Oil Spills publications