A journal article by RPI authors Scott Zengel, Zach Nixon, and Jacqui Michel was chosen as an Editor’s pick for the PLOS One collection on Oil Spills. Follow the links below to read about recovery of oiled salt marshes in Louisiana following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Read RPI’s article here:


1.  Pre-treatment oiling conditions: (A) Aerial view of heavy oiling distribution during plot set-up and adjacent reference area (shoreline at top right), (B) heavily oiled vegetation mat at plot-scale, (C) test pit depicting thick layer of emulsified oil (orange) on the marsh surface below the oiled vegetation mat, (D) reference plot for comparison.


2. Visual summary of marsh conditions in 2012, more than two years following heavy oiling (A) Reference plot, (B) heavily oiled plot with manual treatment, (C) heavily oiled plot with no treatment, (D) heavily oiled plots with mechanical treatment, with planting (upper left) and without planting (middle)