RPI, in collaboration with HDR| Ecosystem Management, received a grant from NOAA and the University of New Hampshire’s Coastal Response Research Center (Contract No. 13-034) to develop a database that offers unrestricted and rapid access to toxicity data on dispersants and chemically dispersed oils. This database, called Dispersant and Chemically Dispersed Oil Toxicity Database (DTox), was developed in FileMaker Pro® and it contains the following features:

Disclaimer and Navigation Tabs.DisclaimerNavTabs

Query Output.Query Output

Summary of Selection Criteria.Selection Criteria

Query Summary.

Query Summary

Training Video.

This DTox Training Video (mp4) is intended to facilitate the use of the interactive DTox tool. It provides a brief overview of DTox, including examples on how to use the navigation tabs, and query, print and export toxicity data. Please note that this video was recorded using an earlier version of this interactive tool, but all attributes are identical those of the final version of DTox.