Monthly Archives: June 2016

RPI publishes paper on the successful use of side scan sonar for detection and monitoring progress of recovery of sunken oil from the T/B 3508 spill in the Mississippi River

RPI and NOAA scientists published an article in the June 2016 issue of Sea Technology on the successful use of side scan sonar and multibeam echosounder to initially detect, then map in detail, and finally to monitor the progress of the recovery of the 120,540 gallons of clarified slurry oil spill from the T/B 3508 […]

RPI Selected for Three New Contracts with Florida Water Management Districts

RPI has recently been selected for three new contracts with Florida Water Management Districts. Two selections with the Northwest Florida Water Management District include: a prime contract for Ecological Assessments, which may include, among other tasks, continuing support in the development of Minimum Flows and Levels for rivers and springs in the District; and selection […]